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Double Take!

Would the real Cooper please blink?


Love this photo, Denise! ;)

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  1. Ah …Cooper is so cute! I like his bed buddy too …I have one myself actually – got it from Animal Den online.

  2. ADORABLE with a capitol A!

  3. This is so sweet!! They look like brothers!! Cooper is beautiful!!! Great photo.. thanks for sharing!!! Shelties are the best!!

  4. Hi Louis — I bought the stuffed animal on Amazon. Search for “Whispy Sheltie” by Douglas. Cooper loves his pal (which, coincidentally… we named Douglas)

  5. where did you get that Sheltie stuffed animal…..been looking for one for my Sheltie, especially since she doesn’t know how to play much…and she saw one at a pet store, dumb me didn’t buy it then and now I can’t find one…thanks

  6. Cooper is so handsome! Love his expression. And everybody needs someone to cuddle with at bedtime.

  7. What a cute picture… every bed needs one!
    Love the caption too.
    Denise, you are one lucky gal to have Copper with that sweet face.

  8. Aww what a cute face.

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