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I Can Hear the Ocean!

Chance and Lula taking in the beach at Broadkill, DE


Looks like they want to hurry up and get down there, Andy!

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  1. Lucky Chance and Lula to be at the beach! Nice photo …they are both beautiful!

  2. What a beautiful photo!!! These babies are precious!!!

  3. Great shot! Very difficult to photograph not just one sheltie but two when they are in between barks talking to the waves! What sweet faces! Enjoy your future trips to the beach!

  4. great shot and they will love it. watch out for sand fleas. not sure when they are at worst….i think summer but might be anytime

  5. The are Beautiful!

  6. What a beautiful shot of Chance and Lula!
    You know what they say… If you are lucky enough to be by the beach, you are lucky enough! Looks like you two pups are appreciating all the smells and sounds of the ocean. ENJOY!!!!

  7. What cuties your furbabies are. I can see the intent in all four eyes, they want to go NOW!! My guess is they are eyeing the seagulls and are itching to get on the move . . . after all, they are Shelties and they have HERDING to do! Happy beach days to all, stay safe and have a great time.

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