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No More Pictures Please!

Annie says: “good grief, the paparazzi is relentless these days!”

annieeyesHugs to you for adopting, Gail!

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  1. How could the cameras possibly stay away from this beautiful girl? Congratulations on your adoption and wonderful new little companion!

  2. LOL …cute!!! Congrats for adopting Annie – she’s a sweetie with a good sense of humor!

  3. when you are as beautiful as a Sheltie is, it is hard to put a camera away…always a great pic

  4. This precious lil girl has 3 other adoring fursiblings that are every bit as lucky as she is. They have the greatest Mom and Dad in the world and I am looking forward to seeing them all again for their summer trip to see Auntie Linda.

  5. Congratulations on adopting Annie and giving her a loving home
    Geesh..those darn Papperazzi anyways! Lots of years ahead full of fun and love for you!

  6. Such a sweet & funny picture. This little diva should have her own sleeping mask. Sweet dreams pretty girl, you’ve not nothing but good things ahead of you now that you’ve found a loving home all your own!

  7. Makes my day when a dog gets his slice of heaven + gets his forever home + family!

  8. Oh my gosh, HOW ADORABLE! Annie, as cute as you are, you best just resign yourself to being a star :)

  9. heheh cute! just wanna *boop* that sheltie nose and give it a kiss.

  10. There’s nowhere to hide from the paparazzi is there Annie? Oh well, you look beautiful as always!

  11. Ahhhh, Annie has covered up most of her pretty little face, but I still see some adorable Sheltie teefies!

  12. Congratulations Gail, what a sweetheart Annie is . . . that is what of her she will let us see! Way to go for giving Annie a new furever home. I’m sure she’s lovin’ life about now and probably just trying to catch up on some much needed beauty sleep. It will better in a day or two when she really realizes she just landed in her own little slice of Heaven, way to go Gail!

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