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Smiling Sheltie Sunshine Salutations!

Keltic and Beckett look so cute with their squinty smiles!sunnysmiles

So sweet, Helen!

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  1. OOOPSIE I spelt Beckett,s name wrong..Thiis typing with two fingers is not good sometimes, especially when I don,t recheck myself!…lol

  2. Keltic and Beltic are two adorable little fur babies…Many many years ahead of love fun and lots of laughter ! PS: I love their names, too!

  3. Just so beautiful together! Many more happy sunny days to come!

  4. They both look so nice smiling in the sun!

  5. Beautiful shelties! I love their names! Wishing you all many happy years together!

  6. I love squinty smiles and these two sure have the method down pat! Keltic and Beckett are beautiful furbabies, I really love Beckett’s color and markings. Keltic is so handsome with his white forehead blaze. Lucky you Helen times two.

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