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Somewhere off the Coast of Maine…

Yankee is visiting Cape Elizabeth Fort Williams Park and maybe wondering if she is wearing a life vest instead of a fashionable coat? ;)


Maine is pretty in every season, Deborah!

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  1. This is just what I’ve been looking for!
    A sheltie with a cape!
    Anyone have more pictures of that?

  2. Nice photo …and beautiful Sheltie!

  3. Wow Yankee sure looks pretty standing in front of that lighthouse!

  4. Ah, summer in Maine. Last time I was in Maine in July 1957 there was a snow pile in the small town we visited. No wonder the dog is trying to keep warm……
    Pretty dog though.

  5. Wow Deborah, the perfect “money” shot with the perfect furbaby. Yankee is a very handsome gentleman, I know you are so proud. I love everything about your baby, the white bib, the light white dusting on the nose, the tips ears and the ever present look of anticapation, waiting for your next words.

  6. Yankee is absolutely stunning! May you have many happy years together!

  7. Such a great name for a dog from the New England area and he looks like he could be sailing the Bounding Main with one of those yellow rain slickers and hats at any time!

  8. This would make a perfect postcard! Yankee is one beautiful sheltie! I love this picture!!

  9. What a gorgeous shot! Can’t go wrong with both subjects. :)

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