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Sunbathing Coincidence? I think not.

Maggie has the perfect setup for sun sleeping.


Smart dog you got there, Andy! :)

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  1. Andy, she’s so sweet. I can’t wait to see her. I’m not sure if seeing me on Skype is enough for her. It’s not enough for me…..Patty

  2. What a good looking girl Maggie is, also a twin to my Angel, Bambi. And how so very clever of Maggie to “create” her very own sleeping mask. I think sometimes Shelties are too smart for their own good . . . NOT! LOL She is a beautiful furbaby and certainly comfortable, calm and relaxed with her surroundings.

    • She really loves her backyard a lot except for hot summer days — then she prefers to stay indoors and sit on the air conditioning vents.

  3. Maggie sure is smart! What a great idea. I’ll have to clue my shelties in on this discovery.

  4. She has a cushion for the front & rear! I like her pillow! So cute that Maggie is all cuddled up in the corner.

  5. Shelties are so smart…
    What a cute shot…
    Maggie looks like my Logan.
    Good looking feet she has!
    Must have gotten his pedicure recently.
    Maggie is one fluffy pup!

  6. I can’t believe Maggie fell asleep there. She’s a cutie!

  7. LOL Perfect

  8. Maggie is a genius! She has made eco-friendly sunglasses out of an ivy. Andy, get a patent on them quick, and buy Maggie a new toy or treat for the millions you will rake in from her invention.

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