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Hughie is having fun visiting Fortuna Bay, St Thomas.


Life is good when you have a beach to run on and a mango as a toy right, Chris? :)

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  1. Hughie is so vibrant and beautiful!!! Great shot!!

  2. Hughie is a cutie! And he’s making us all jealous!

  3. What a handsome, happy boy!

    I love his markings (coloring).

  4. What a lucky little Sheltie! Ours have only been to Rehobeth Beach, DE. LOL

  5. Hughie is living the life of Riley! I can’t believe I’m jealous of a dog today! Look at that huge grin, he seems to have laid down for a second to catch his breath before he’s off an another adventure in St. Thomas. Great pic, thanks for posting.

  6. What a cutie, I just love your summer cut, Hughie. Hugs????

  7. So beautiful! It is nice to see them so happy.

  8. Wow Chris! Every time I say that is the cutest thing I’ve EVER seen, up jumps Hughie. What a beauty, I love the “foxy” ears, the little fuzzy butt and that big wide trademark Sheltie smile that says I’m lovin’ life right now. It doesn’t get any better than this unless theres an extra cookie involved.

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