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Those Darling Daggers

Dutch is not happy he had a bath.


Awe Gina, what a love!

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  1. Boy, this sure is a familiar look!

  2. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

  3. Awww, looks just like the picture of my doggie :) I love them, so cute!

  4. LOL ..cute!!! I know that look times 2!

    Dutch looks like a sweet natured Sheltie boy …and after all was done of the bath, I bet he was really happy to be clean and soft and shiny!

  5. Dutch, that is a very sweet and soulful “Why me?” look. I know it well! We tell our girls, “We love a clean dog just a little bit more!” LOL

  6. what a sweet face! hope he got an extra cookie or two, for the ‘indognity’ of having a bath

  7. Oh, Dutch looks so sweet and trusting of you. You are very blessed to have him as your companion.

  8. Such a beautiful face with big, soulful eyes!!! Your baby looks so sweet, Gina.

  9. Once Dutch gets his cookie or two he will be happy as a lark! He is so cute and those Sheltie eyes say it all

  10. He looks like he’s dressed up as the evil emperor from Star Wars.

  11. Dutch is just adorable, cuddled in his towel after a bath, which he may not have enjoyed!

  12. Such a sweet face!!

  13. I love seeing my boy on your website!! Thank you!!

  14. Aw-w-w Gina, I sure hope you gave this sweet baby an extra cookie today. I don’t think this is a stinkeye, more like, why did you have to do that? Your Dutch is such an adorable little senior, my guess is he gets just about any thing those sweet little eyes can con you out of. Sending lots of hugs and kisses to your baby.

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