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Unusual Flower Sighted

This delightful daisy relative can be found in high elevation fields in northern Wisconsin.

To fully appreciate this darling little flower, take a hike up to your favorite alpine meadow and see it in person. ;)


Looks like Vegas is having a blast, Sarah!

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  1. Vegas is beautiful and looks so vibrant. Such a lovely coat and colorings!!!

  2. Goegeous, just gorgeous !!!

    Love the great captions and comments!

  3. I’ve seen similar flowers right here in Michigan. But the Wisconsin specimen is gorgeous! Love the big smile on Vega’s face.

  4. I’ll take two please! Just look how well Vegas enhances the scenery, it wouldn’t be near as spectacular without this little “wild flower”. This is the full Sheltie furbaby for me, tipped ears, full white bib, gorgeous coat and the standard Sheltie smile. This is just about perfect and you can tell this baby is lovin’ life right about now. Lucky you Sarah.

  5. I’d be in heaven if I could hike to fields full of this darling little flower and all the rest of his family.

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