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When You Need A Helping Paw

Sampson showing Conan a little brotherly love after surgery. Just melts Mom’s heart!


Melts our hearts too, Lauren!

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  1. I can tell your two Shelties are very connected. What a heart melting photo.

  2. Oh my gosh ! Another ahhh moment..How could this not melt anyone,s heart!…lol

  3. Awww …what a good Sheltie brother!!! They are both cuties!!!

  4. It sure is nice go have a big brother watching out for you. Adorable photo of Sampson and Conan! Such sweethearts!

  5. You can see the love between these two. Shelties are so loving!!! This is such a sweet photo and I hope Conan has a speedy recovery!! Sampson looks just like my sheltie, Scottie. I love their names, too! :)

  6. they are the most intuitive, and feeling. my Lady knows when I am sad and comes over, and gives puppy kisses to my hand when I extend it. loves all she can get too. most lovable baby I have ever had

  7. How could that picture of Sampson and Conan not melt your heart!
    Too darn sweet… Shelties are SO sensitive!
    I know Conan appreciates his caring brother Sampson. It is as if he is saying… thanks, I needed that.

    Whenever I have adopted a new sheltie I take them for walks around the block. Even though the new sheltie seems a bit scared, my older sheltie always reaches his nose over to kiss them like this photo shows… as if to tell them all is well and not to be scared.

    Shelties are the best!

  8. Sampson says relax Bro, I got your back. Lauren, both of your boys are so handsome. Hope recovery goes well, and speedy for Conan, and he’s back on all fours in no time. He’s for sure getting all the lovin’ he needs, maybe an extra cookie for dessert will help to ease the pain. Good luck and well wishes for the most perfect recovery.

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