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Doggie Diploma!

Bella just graduated puppy class!


She graduated at the top of the class for sure, Mandie!

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  1. Congrats Bella! I’m sure you made your humans very proud. You look cute as a button with your cap on.

  2. Congratulations Bella! You are so cute. I am sure you made your mommy proud.

  3. That is one good looking pup, and so smart. I hear she gets that from her momma. Can’t wait to meet her!

  4. Bella is adorable. I can tell she is a very good girl! Have fun little one!

  5. Congrats Bella! She is so pretty in her cap with the tassel.

    Mandie, you know if you plan an open house for her graduation, she’ll just run around outside all day with her friends. All you need is plenty of cool water, lots of yummy dog treats, and a shady spot so they can nap after the big party.

  6. What a cute little graduate :) Hope she got some cookies for her efforts!

  7. Congratulations Bella! You look so collegiate in your cap!

  8. Without a doubt, the cutest graduate to wear a cap! What a sweet face Bella has and looks to be paying close attention so as not to miss a thing. Congratulations Bella for top of the class, hopefully there was an extra belly rub and cookie as rewards.

  9. Oh! How sweet! Bella’s thinking, “Can I take it off now Momma? PLEASE?!

    • Tabitha – Bella was so good with the cap! She was in class with a Yorkie and a lab, and she DID graduate at the top of her class :)))

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