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Hey Buster, Maybe A Breath Mint?

Poor Miah doesn’t know what to think of Buster the Terrier.


LOL, Jim!

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  1. It think Miah is saying, ” Not YOU again!”

  2. What a look!!! Priceless!!

  3. That’s the EWWWWWW! face at my house.

  4. Yup agree with all the above comments. Lucy our sheltie who has now passed learned to tolerate a terrier that our daughter brought home in Grade 8. Both Lucy and Missy are gone now, but they were great companions.

  5. LOL! NOBODY can give The Look quite like a sheltie!

  6. Miah is trying to give Buster the stinkeye, but I doubt Buster cares. They are both so cute. Nice pic!

  7. LOL Jim, I’ve seen this exact same picture when my Angel was still with me. My daughter also had a Yorkie and my Bambi DID NOT like him up in her face either, so I can certainly sympathize with poor Miah. Just tell Miah there will be an extra cookie for dessert tonight, that will calm her right down. Even with that “evil, back-off” look, she still looks like a sweetheart.

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