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Kansas City Sheltie Rescue: Taylor

Guess what?

This smiling star is available for adoption from Kansas City Sheltie Rescue!
Let’s find this sweet cutie a home!

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  1. Oh Taylor what beautiful little toofies you have! I wish we could adopt you and bring you back to Australia, but I know you will find your forever home very soon.

  2. Taylor is very handsome indeed. I hope he finds a permanent home soon. He surely deserves it. Yes, I have two rescues too, and they are the best ones…Abundant blessings to this handsome prince!

  3. Oh look it that face and those little white teeth! I have two rescued shelties and let me tell you, they’re THE BEST!

  4. Love that ‘sheltie grin’. I know you will find your forever home very soon.

  5. Taylor is going to make some family very happy, I can tell. I predict a long, happy life spent romping & playing with a loving family for Taylor. Wish it could be mine, but we are at capacity now. Promise, my next will be another rescue.

  6. Love the toofy smile!

  7. Aw-w-w Taylor, what a handsome gentleman you are and I love your BIG happy smile, letting everyone know that you will be such a great and friendly addition to the family. From your looks, you should find a furever home in no time, I’m just sorry I’m not in position to offer that at this time. Good luck sweet baby.

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