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Little Goat, Big Adventure

Lucy says good morning at to her new friend at an Ohio Bed & Breakfast.


Are they gossiping J.J.?

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  1. Oh, those curious shelties…Yes, thank God for the fence to keep, cute little Lucy out of trouble….

  2. What a sweet photo!!! Don’t you just love their curiosity!??! Lucy is beautiful… I love her full coat, too!

  3. “And then my hooman said ‘but it’s supposed to be a sheep farm not a goat farm’ ”

    What a cutie, and I bet she was tired from running the fences all day.

  4. Just a follow up on this picture. Thank God the fence was there because I think this little goat was about to head butt my Little Lucy.

    • Tee Hee;) My Amanda believes she’s much more ‘fierce’ than she actually is – she’s always attempting to patrol our acreage for ‘intruders’ (mostly, the ‘dreaded’ wild-turkeys;). Of course, if she were to actually tussle with one – the turkey would no-doubt win:)

      Lucy is a precious little-girl – love her name.

    • hee! I bet the goat really just wanted to get to the tall grass on Lucy’s side of the fence!

  5. ?Can’t take the herding instinct out of the sheltie!
    Maybe, like Babe the pig from the movie, Lucie is asking the little goat to be cooperative and do what she asks?

    Sweet photo, thanks for sharing!

  6. The little goat is cute but, Lucy is gorgeous. She looks like such a petite little girl, that pretty full, white ruff sure sets off her beautiful color. I think Lucy is not quite sure what to make of this little creature, but is still just trying to make new friends with the neighbors, with some small talk over the back fence.

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