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No, Seriously, I’m a Mad Dog

Oh, don’t believe me?

I’m outta control, a powder keg, a wild card, a loose cannon!

Look, will you please stop giggling — I’m telling you, I could snap at any minute!

General really means it, Julie! ;)

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  1. We call that look the stink eye!! What a handsome guy!!

  2. Oh yeah, I’m scared- what are you gonna do? Cute me to death?? Just one cookie and everything’s all better!

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. That is the funniest look I’ve ever seen! What an expressive face and eyes! As a writer about dogs (I’m the author of A DOG’S WAY HOME), I could have a field day of inspiration from just that look :)

  4. oh my, what an eye….she could just get a tummy rub and end up with a smile……they are just a puddle of love…..and can’t stay mad at you for long.

  5. Somehow I am still giggling at General. Sorry dear, you’re too cute to be scared of. But I bet you ARE a powder keg, you little sweetie!

  6. Looks like he’s thinking “Talk to the paw!”

  7. Oh Julie, I am ROFLOL, what a GREAT way to start the day! Whatever did you do to General? He sure does look like he has a serious case of, get out of my face! Then on the other hand, this is the look I sometimes got from my Angel when she knew she had done something that she probably should not have! We never have to catch our Shelties being bad, they can’t stand it, just one look and they tell on themselves! Thank you for sharing your sweet? baby with us. He is very handsome despite his displeasure with whatever. I’m sorry you mad General, maybe mom will give you an extra cookie to makek up for it. Hugs and kisses for General if it will help!

  8. Oh, gosh! He looks so serious, and he sincerely has a ‘death’ stare, but why can’t we believe a Sheltie could ever follow through?

    I just want to scoop him up, cuddle him and then tell him that we’ll take a nice long quiet nap w/o even a mouse stirring in the house.

    Love that boy!!!

  9. Well, General could be referring to what we in the Clifford family call: “Going Mad Dog”. I’ve heard many in ‘Sheltie Land’ label it: “Zoomies”. Irrespective, he certainly does have that ‘look in his eye’;) What a cute character!

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