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Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Ozzie is trying to keep a watchful eye on that chipmunk!

ozzieFun times at Auntie Kate’s house. :)

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  1. Is Timmy in the well?

  2. Stunning photo and he looks to be in such great physical shape, too. What a great shot. Love the name, too.

  3. I have Ozzie’s twin at my house! My Sheltie, Kebo, looks just like Ozzie…same colorings and size…and from looking at this picture…looks like they have the same personality too!!! ozzie is beautiful!

  4. What a BEAUTIFUL boy!!! Our Brinkley has very similar markings, but at 19.5 lbs may be smaller than Ozzie? Enjoy the weekend!

  5. Beautiful sheltie with a stunning coat!!!

  6. Ozzie is beautiful and awesome coat!
    And Yep me thinks he will be visiting that well every day from hereon in! Nice photo! Many years of lots of fun and love!

  7. Are you sure he’s not making a wish at the wishing well? Maybe he’s wishing for it to rain treats?

  8. I thought that Ozzie had dropped a penny into the well and made a wish!

  9. What a handsome little boy Ozzie is, he really has a beautiful coat, I love his colors and markings. Aw-w, the illusive chipmuck, just what Ozzie needs to keep him busy for hours, even from this angle we can see the intensity in his little eyes! And we know, he will NEVER forget that spot, from this day forward it has now become his job to inspect the well every time he visits Aunt Kate and try to herd that chipmuck to where ever Ozzie thinks it needs to be! That will fun for all to watch. Good times ahead!

    • Thank you so much ! Ozzie has a little brother named Andie and he loves to chase the chipmunks as well! As with all sheltie owners they
      love to play, love being held and cuddled. Our boys are everything to us!

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