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Patience Pays Off!

It took me 3 years to get all of the Shelties into one shot, but here they are!
(L-R:  Daisy, Patsy, Piper, Tres and Jonesie Dream.)

The sable and white Shelties were all adopted from Kansas City Sheltie Rescue.  And if a good home is not found for foster bi-black Patsy, I may be a foster failure once again!


Awe Debbie, a foster failure is a GREAT thing! :)

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  1. the bi-color black is beautiful, so beautiful…… love it

  2. We have been “foster failures” a few times and if that is what failure is, I do not want to “succeed”……Enjoy your beautiful babies…

  3. That is one big happy family of Shelties! Wish I could get one or two more, but space constraints keep us at two.

  4. We’re foster failures too! That’s how we ended up with four Shelties. I’m sure you have enough love and kisses to go around. Congrats on the shot.

  5. What a calendar worthy shot! We know as mommas we are not supposed to play favorites, but I’d have a hard time with that here. That little bi-black Patsy is absolutely stunning and little Piper, with what looks like a little white diamond in the middle of her forehead is sure a stunner also. However, so is every one else in the pack, so looks like they are ALL favorites! Just cute all the way down the line. Lucky, lucky you, Debbie.

  6. Yes, they are all so adorable…It must be very difficult indeed, to be a foster mom to one of these cute furbabies…You are doing a terrific job. They look very well cared for and happy.

  7. Cute, cute, cute, cute and cute!!
    Our boy, Brinkley looks very similar to Daisy. Enjoy those babies :)

  8. Oh my! I don’t know how to got this picture of them… it’s like herding cats, as they say! They are all just TERRIFIC. Thanks for being a foster failure mommy… I would be too if I could have that many. For now, I’m looking for another very small Sheltie to adopt as a companion for my little Charlie who runs when he sees the camera! LOL!

  9. Just one more and you’ll have a six pack! Bless you for being a “failed foster”

  10. They are all so beautiful…and now you have a complete shot of all of them together..Awesome..And bless you for opening up your home for them!

    All it takes to get me every single time is “The Look” from Kelly!She knows it too !

  11. Awesome shot. Foster Failures Rule!

  12. No worries about failures-sometimes failure is just another way of saying “meant to be”! Beautiful dogs! We have 2 Shelties!

  13. No kidding… Foster failure is good thing.
    Great shot too! No matter that it took 5 years to capture…
    It was worth the wait for a shot as great as this.
    These rescue shelties are lucky dogs to be in your care…
    Wonderful backyard to play in and so many sheltie friends to play with.
    They all look so content and well groomed!
    Bless you for opening your heart and home!
    Many thanks from the Sheltie Nation community!

  14. And what a great shot it is! One sheltie is just as handsome/pretty as the next. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    Thank you for opening your home to them, loving them and giving them the
    “good-life”. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    ps I know if I ever fostered shelties, I, also, would end up a foster failure (if there is such a thing) I say it is more like winning than failing!

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