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Sheltie, Sheltie, Sheltie, Sheltie…

Wait, where did that Cocker come from?


(Katie, Cody, Logan, Joe in back and Cooper the Cocker!)

Full house for sure, Janice!

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  1. Janice — Trooper said to tell his brother Cody congrats on making “the big time.” I can’t wait to see what Logan will look like when he’s all grown up!

  2. Very cute photo! How in the world did you get all of them to look up at the same time? Just adorable!

  3. Aww. I love cockers. I’m thinking what a nice break he must provide from the shedding! If I were brave enough to add a third dog, it would have to be one that got taken to groomer for a trim and bath! And didn’t leave me endless hair to clean on a daily basis!

  4. Oh my goodness Janice! All your little shelties are all similar to mine!
    Katie looks like my F-kap
    Cody looks like my old dog Dixie
    Logan looks like my Ida and
    Joe look like my Jody (his nick-name is Joe!)
    Very funny! Especially because all there genders are opposite exempt for Joe and Joe! Haha!

  5. Just stunning, Cooper looks as though he is holding his own!
    Our fur-baby Shelties are gracious to the fault ! Great shot, thank you Janice.

  6. What a great photo!! Your babies are stunning, Janice. I can only imagine the fun with five different personalities!!!

  7. I bet all those precious little herders think that Cooper is their own personal lamb, ha. He’s precious also !!! Give them all a big kiss from their Auntie Linda.

  8. LOL, Cooper looks like he’s saying, “Mom, it’s not fair to put me in with these gorgeous shelties!” Cooper, you’re beautiful in your own cocker way ;)

  9. Awesome group of dogs you have there Janice. Is that Cody with the GIANT ruff? What do you feed him to get that ruff? I have a soft spot for cockers, knew a sweet one a few years ago who tried to steal my heart. I love the whole group, all smiling & posing nicely for us here at

  10. I’m really hard pressed to pick a favorite here, but SN we must remember, Cocker’s need love too, and just look at Cooper’s sweet, little face. Of course, it goes without saying that those “other” 4 furbabies are just too gorgeous for words! What a house full of love you are so fortunate to live in Janice. I can only imagine the fun, antics and zoomies you get to experience on a daily basis. What fun! Hugs and kisses to everybody.

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