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Cooper is a cutie, DJ and Stacie!

(For all that have left comments about how dangerous cobs can be,
this photo was just for fun and Cooper did not eat the cob. He was closely supervised by his mom.)

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  1. Thanks for posting, Kelly! Just to reiterate, Cooper was not given the cob to eat. It was taken from him after the quick photo session. Thank you all for your kind words about our sheltie boy! He is a ball of fun and has a great personality.

  2. I did not know about the corn cob so thanks for prompting a discussion. Your dog is a sweetie and I am glad he was closely supervised!

  3. Such a beautiful boy!! He looks so vibrant!!!! Great photo!! :)

  4. I agree with Deborah.

    Corn cobs should never be given to a dog to eat. A piece could get stuck somewhere or lodged in their small intestines. A friend of mine gave their two large dogs corn cobs without realizing the potential danger. Well, one of their dogs recently got very sick & went to emergency. After many tests it was diagnosed as a blockage in the small intestine by a piece of corn cob that the dog ate over a year ago. After surgery to remove the piece of cob, the dog died a couple days later. It was so sad. The owner was devastated.

    That’s why I don’t give Greenies either.

  5. Very cute photo of cooper….looks like he was helping pick the…

  6. what a cute face! His smile shows through even with that huge corn cob in his mouth! Cooper looks like he is fun to have around DJ & Stacie.

  7. So sweet!! My Maggie LOVES corn on the cob. I hold it for her and she very carefully nibbles the corn off the cob.

  8. Yikes! Corn cobs are very dangerous for all dogs! Please do not promote this. They can very quickly become lodged in the intestines and cause a deadly blockage!

    • Deb,

      The photo was just for fun and Cooper was closely supervised. He did not eat the cob. ;)

    • Corn- on – the -cob? Can cause blocked intestine. It is a cute pic though but I researched it again to make sure. I know my Bailey would love it- but I would never take the chance.

      • Sandy,

        The photo was just for fun and Cooper did not eat the cob. He was closely supervised. :)

      • Cute picture, love the “ears” (talking about the dog lol!)You always learn something here. One of my dogs likes to pick up apples but I never let him eat it. He must think its a ball! So nice to see all the sheltie fans looking out for each other!

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