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Wait, What Was Step Three Again?

Shea really wanted to help her daddy put the desk together.

She sat there very focused the whole time getting in the way…er, I mean helping!


Who needs an instruction manual when you have a Sheltie right, Jenni?

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  1. How cute! My Minnie is lays “helping” me with everything from sorting laundry to assembling things!

  2. How adorable Shea is…I bet you cannot go anywhere without her right there with you as your extra shadow…Yes, she looks like she is supervising the job! LOL…

  3. She’s a cutie …and a smart one – always the supervisor!

  4. Shelties are always so curious, wanting to understand everything that is going on around them. A couple of years ago, my husband & I pulled up & replaced the old tile in our front hallway; Scarlett was right there, every step of the way, sniffing every tool & tile. She watched everything from the edge of the wood floor where it meets the tile, never stepping onto the area where we were working. She would have helped grout the tile if she had thumbs!!!

  5. Just look at the intensity on Shea’s face, she is really watching every move that her daddy makes. My guess is, if she only had thumbs she’d take that job right over and have it done in no time, we all know they are cerrtainly smart enough! What a cutie this baby is. My Bambi was the same way, if you got down on the floor, her domain, expect all the help she thought you needed. Hope you and Shea got that desk put together with minimal problems.

  6. Did she have to sniff everything as it came out of the box? That’s the sign of real Sheltie! maybe she’s considering an apprenticeship in carpentry? She sure is cute.

  7. Looks like she is saying ‘no, slot ‘A goes into slot B’. Or, the fact that you are on the floor with her means playtime!

  8. How lucky you are to have a Sheltie Supervisor!

  9. Lissie help me all the time in my painting studio :)

  10. Shelties make such helpful and attentive supervisors while all the time looking cute. Nothing goes unnoticed. It looks like if she could hold something for you she would. mary

  11. I love that! They are right there to help, so inquisitive!

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