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Your stick, my stick, your stick, my stick

Awe, Storm & Dusty are sharing!


How did you get them to blink at the same time too, Clark & Pat? ;)

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  1. Adorable photo..Me thinks it is THEIR STICK ! hahah

  2. Two cutie pies! Enjoy!

  3. Oh man, they are just gorgeous. You sure that stick isn’t lit? Ruh Roh, did I say that???

  4. OMG! SO beautiful AND cute!

  5. What a great photo!!! My sheltie loves sticks, too! Storm and Dusty are beautiful… they look like they are laughing so hard their eyes are squinting shut!!!

  6. Storm & Dusty look like they are having fun collecting driftwood at the beach. Two very handsome Shelties there!

  7. How nice of you momma and daddy, to teach the kids to share! This is too funny. Storm and Dusty are both very beautiful furbabies. I bet there is lots of fun and shennigans at your house. Is that a strip of white hair running right up the middle of Dusty’s right ear? That is certainly most unusual, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before, just another way to make your baby unique.

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