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Basic Water Safety Rule #1

Skye says: “Stay away from it!” :)

Skye is on the beach in Friday Harbor, WA and he just finished chasing sticks and avoiding the water!


Very pretty, Nancy & Madeline!

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  1. What a happy little face:)

  2. Oh my… what a regal and beautiful furbaby!!! Skye definitely has personality!!!

  3. Ha, my sheltie boys would totally be in agreement with Skye! What a great smile :)

  4. Ha, ha! Our sheltie angel Skye loved the water! Give her a nice shallow creek to splash in and she was in heaven. At the beach she loved to run through the shallow stuff, and she could swim like a champ if we took her in deeper.

    Your Skye is one handsome guy and does look very pleased with himself.

  5. What a beautiful dog, beautiful photo!

  6. Skye knows if he goes in the water, he may mess up his beautiful coat. Wow, he is one handsome boy!

  7. Beautiful dog………

  8. Skye has the right idea… keep that coat looking beautiful!

    Speaking of beautiful…
    that is one gorgeous sheltie with a terrific background to show him off!

    Thanks for sharing!
    We all wish we could take our shelties to such a great location too.

  9. Skye is absolutely stunning! Wishing you many happy, fun-filled years together!

  10. And just look at how proud Skye is of himself for having avoided that water, he is laughing all the way home!! Guess he hasn’t yet thought of the bath that awaits him to get all the sand and surf out of his pantalooms, right Nancy and Madeline? He is such a stunning embassador for this breed, this is a GREAT picture worthy of framing, calandar page or screen saver. Hope there are lots and lots of long, happy years with this beautiful furbaby.

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