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Groggy Doggie

Barley had a very busy day!


When it works, it works right, Rhonda? ;)

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  1. Our shelties over the years have always rested their heads or noses on chair braces, horizontal boards on decks, etc. We call these things “nose holders” These shelties are all so sweet and sleep in the strangest ways. Thanks for sharing your beauty with us!


  3. Looks uncomfortable but content. But my goodness Barley’s facial markings are almost identical to my Cookie’s. And his body markings are very similar. She could be his twin.

  4. my cat loves to sleep under anything. when we have have breakfast trays she comes flying in from somewhere to lay under them!! LOL

  5. we got our Lady a gel mat, she always likes to lay on a cool surface… and she loves it. you are right though, she will lay on the pebbles on the walkway, and a lot of other strange places…..

    • This is so cute, but Max is always laying near the coldest spot. usually in summer and the air condition vent. Lois where do get a gel mat, maybe max would like that. He too is my shadow, if I move and he isn’t in the same room, he comes and looks at me like, whats up Mom?

  6. Our Blue Merle Sheltie, Bandit, loves to lay on the edge of a wonderful wooden rocking chair that is my wifes favorite place to sit in. If she moves, he follows her to be close to where she sits.

  7. So funny, so sheltie!

  8. I had a Cardigan that used to sleep like that.

  9. Sleep, Barley, Sleep. But maybe next time, find a somewhat softer pillow, it’s worrying me to see your adorable little head on a wooden pillow!

  10. awwww :) Someone is sure tuckered out. What a beautiful sheltie Barley is

  11. my Dakota loves to sleep under the coffee table too! Must be a Sheltie thing!

  12. Too many hops there Barley? Barley & hops make grog there dude. :-)

  13. It always amazes me that these little furbabies can make a seemingly comfortable bed out of anything, wood, rock, concrete, they just drop and drift off! But when they do this, it usually makes for some fun, comical pictures, as evidenced above. Lucky you Rhonda, Barley is a very handsome little gentleman, he sure does have a beautiful coat, his colorings and markings are striking.

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