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I think I’ll take a nap—HERE

Millie looks awkward and comfortable all at the same time.


They snooze in the craziest places, Jan!

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  1. Millie really dresses up the hearth. She is a pretty girl and I am sure a wonderful companion. I have had several who love corner sleeping but none have chosen the hearth as a place to sleep!

  2. She is the veritable ‘between a rock and hard spot’ girl.

  3. How cute! Maybe that stone feels cool in the summer heat? One of my sheltie boys likes to sleep in the walk-in shower when it’s really hot. :)

  4. Yes, looks familiar…The sheltie snoozing in the corner syndrome…Millie is very cute!

  5. our Lady likes laying on anything cool, l bet that is what she is enjoying too

  6. Mine sleep like that too. How they manage to sleep with their necks at a 90 degree angle is beyond me! Very cute!

  7. Too funny. I have caught our Sheltie Murphy napping with his chin resting on the rung of our kitchen chair. I say whatever works.

  8. Toby loves to lay on my brick hearth, too. This beauty looks quite cozy. Great photo!! Beautifully colored face.

  9. They really do like to pack themselves into odd corners & spaces to sleep don’t they? But wherever Millie decides to sleep, she will do it beautifully, cause she’s so pretty!

  10. is that a cat stone she is lying with? How cute!

  11. I agree, a brick wall just doesn’t seem like it would be too comfortable for a pillow, and yet Millie still makes it look fun, she sure is a little beauty. I know if I’m tired enough I can just about sleep standing in a corner. She’s probably just worn out from all the jobs she thinks is her Sheltie responsibility to take care of.

    • This could be my Piper Paisley’s sister, color-wise…so funny how they sleep. Piper, if not on her back with all feet in the air, sleeps with her rump up high on couch pillows and head hanging off the seat, almost vertical. Can’t believe that doesn’t make her have a headache!

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