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I’m Havin’ A Ball!

Brinkley, we love your windblown pantaloons too!


A cutie, Kris!

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  1. We had a dog who loved to play with balls just like the oneBrinkley has …except she would pop them sooner or later.Her name was Rio …miss her much.Kudo’s for adopting Brinkley .We adopted one ,who was nine, still have the bugger , he’ 15 going on 16!Both dogs that I mentioned were Shelties.Won’t have any kind but them.

  2. What a great shot! Brinkley is gorgeous and I love the tail. My sheltie loves those balls. I can’t tell you how many he has burst.

    • Thank you ALL for your sweet comments!!!
      We adopted Brinkley from a family at 4 yrs old, he is 7 now.

      He is a wonderful loving baby and the biggest CLOWN ever – of all 6 Shelties we’ve had.

      Oh, and Tina – Brinkleys big ball at home is a soccar ball, he hasn’t poped it……….not yet anyways :)

      Wishing you all a lovely week!

  3. My sheltie “Saniah” loves to play like that! HAPPY BELATED SHELTIE DAY TO ALL THE SHELTIES OUT THERE!

  4. Lol great pic and such a beautiful Sheltie! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh, Brinkley is so funny…very playful guy…I love all the white in his tail, beautiful markings he has. Enjoy!

  6. Just another day at the beach for Brinkley. That ball is nearly as tall as he is! He’s a real cutie Kris, I bet he gives you hours of entertainment.

  7. You get that big purple ball, you get it!
    Brinkley, you are suck a cutie with a wind blown booty … Kris, you seem to have a wonderfully playful Sheltie!!!

    • Brinkley gives us hours of entertainment daily, he is the most goofy Sheltie we’ve had – out of 6 :-) Have a great day!

  8. OK Kris, this is really a cute picture, but I want to see the follow-up . . . the one where Brinkley actually gets that ball picked up! He is such a cutie and looks to be having more fun than a little bit. Kelly is right, the pantaloons are just too cute. Good thoughts your way for lots of fun filled days in the sun with your precious little furbaby.

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