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It’s All in the Paws

Rocky says: “Look at my cute little paws. Don’t they make you want to share your snack with me?”


A sweetie for sure, Renee!

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  1. From a proud Auntie of Rocky I have to agree he loves his treats and is such a good boy!

  2. Oh yes!!! With that look and that pose, you can have just about anything you want. Double. :)

  3. Haha, I DO feel like I need to share my snack with Rocky! He’s hypnotizing me…….

  4. Oh my.. what a vibrant little man. Rocky is precious!! Love the sheltie stare!!!

  5. Yes, his cute little paws do make me want to share with Rocky. I could hardly refuse him! His prety eyes and great nose and face look so endearing that I would want to share treats and give him lots of kisses.

  6. Oh the stare! Gets me every time:)

  7. the paws AND the infamous “Sheltie Stare”….my Dakota will NOT break his gaze when he really wants something!

  8. Rocky, of course you will get a treat for looking so cute!
    How can anyone refuse you with those pleading eyes!

  9. Yes Renee, the paws are really cute, but we know it is all about the eyes, and your Rocky has “the look” down pat! They seem to be saying, I will not be ignored, just share the treats and no one gets hurt! LOL Rocky is really a beautiful little Sheltie, so handsome, I just love his sweet little face. Lucky you to get to share your home and life with this little one.

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