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Jump Start Your Day!

Connor, the fuzzy Air Jordan jumps for the ball while Chase patiently waits his turn.


Love that fuzzy belly, Helen and Chuck!

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  1. Those little back feetsies in the air are so cute!! Point those paws!!

  2. Both shelties are so beautiful. You can tell they are fun loving and enjoy each other. Thanks for sharing their fun with us!

  3. Woooo hooooo!! INDEED!!!
    What an outstanding action shot. I too love that fuzzy belly.
    The only thing missing in that beautiful backyard is some sheep to chase!

    Give Connor and Chase a big hug. Every sheltie should have such a beautiful yard to run and play in!

    Thanks for sharing such a great shot with us!

  4. What a great shot! They look like they are having a fun time. What a gorgeous spot! If that is your yard…WOW!!!

  5. Cool picture, cute doggies, beautiful yard !!!

  6. What a great action picture! Thanks for the morning smile! :-)

  7. Woooo hooooo!! What a great jump!

  8. YEA! Conner, r-e-e-each for that ball! What a SUPER action shot Helen and Chuck. These two sweet, handsome babies seem to be having the time of their lives, but then, with that stunning backdrop and those gorgeous grounds, who wouldn’t? Everything about this shot is just so fun! You two have fun watching these two!

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