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S.N. Extreme Close-up!

This is the last thing a doggie treat sees!


Cooper is so cute, Denise!

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  1. LOL! Cute snout …pretty eyes!

  2. what a sweet face! those treats are going to a good cause

  3. Love those photo bombing shelties!

  4. Oh my, I am sure that Is what Denise sees when Cooper is ready to give her face sheltie licks too! What a cute photo… love those eyes!
    Enjoy! We sure did!!!

  5. Cheeky eyes he has there!

  6. Read the caption. Looked at the pic. And I’m still laughing and giggling my head off!

    Cooper doesn’t’ look like an alpha predator, but you know he never misses on ‘those’ ‘kills’. What a sweet, sweet, gentle, curious face for your last sight!

  7. WOW! Just look at the intensity in those soulful little eyes, we all know NOTHING gets past that glaze. Cooper is such a little cutie and so deserving of his treats and I’ll bet he has a cute little “happy dance” that he does, right Denise? Hope there are many long, happy days ahead for you and your darling little furbaby.

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