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Something Very Tasty in the Grass?

L to R: Hannah, Toby, Jason & Kaleigh


They are all so cute, Lynn!

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  1. Beautiful shelties, beautiful shot.

  2. What a lovely picture & what cuties you have! Nice yard too.

  3. What a beautiful tribe!!! I love them all especially that little cutie Toby. I am soooo jealous!! How fortunate you are to have these precious angels!!!

  4. So darn cute! I love little Toby there amongst his bigger siblings. Wow I’m trying to imagine FIVE shelties in one house! Makes my two seem like nothin’ !

  5. Lynn,

    Hannah, Toby, Jason & Kaleigh are all so beautiful! What a wonderful photo!
    May you all have many happy fun-filled years together!


    • Thanks, Kimberly! That are a much loved pack. AND we’ve added a bi-black we’ve name Tuukka. Pics of him are sure to be seen soon. :)

  6. What a good looking pack you have Lynn, all you can say is cute, a little cuter, a little cuter still and a whole lot cuter. Apparently Jason and Kaleigh have found something very interesting in the grass, they are showing the typical “sheltie stare”, whereas Hannah and Toby just don’t seem to care and are too busy posing for the perfect picture. Fun, fun, fun!

    • Thanks, Sullivan. They are SO much fun. And believe it or not…we’ve added another one to the pack! A bi-black we’ve named Tuukka!

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