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Wish You Were Here!

High Point Park in Sussex County NJ is a great place to take your Shelties for camping, hiking, a picnic, photos, etc.

(L to R: SuBear, Winter, Aurora, Victoria, and Iris)


Great photo and great obedience, Lisa!

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  1. Every time I think I see the best group Sheltie photo, an even better one comes along. Not sure I would trust our four off leash like that…lol.

  2. What a nice photo and testament to your patience as their teacher and their obedience to sit and stay
    It is rather amazing that all of them were so perfect

  3. Beautiful photo!

  4. What a nice photo & a lovely group of Shelties! I would have guessed the location to be somewhere in the UK though!

  5. Just really a nice photo! Looks like a great place to have Sheltie zoomies. Lucky you!

  6. All I can say is WOW! What a photo and what wonderfully behaved shelties! Bravo!

  7. Not in the Summer season…. You have to pay plus it is crowded with people

    Better to do it in the Fall, Winter and Spring

    You do not have to pay, no crowds and you get better oportunities to photograph your dogs

    I do a lot of photo shoots at high point with dogs – believe me you do not want to be in this park during the summer

  8. Lisa. what a great photo and such great control in getting your pack to follow your directions and . . . good for SuBear to see you finally “cured” her of that East Coast Black/White Tick tag-a-long! This is certainly a wonderful beavie of beauties, lucky, lucky you to get to be the leader of such an awesome pack. Sending all good thoughts your way for many, long happy years with all your furbabies.

  9. What a lovely scene, a beautiful place enriched by five lovely Shelties. My two wouldn’t stay still long enough to snap a pic, I don’t know how you got five to sit still at once Lisa. They must have been pooped out from playing or walking lol.

  10. that is sooo adorable!

  11. What a wonderful photo!

  12. Wow! Beautiful babies and impressive obedience!

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