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You’re My Puppy. Let’s Be Friends!

Little Oakley meets his big brother!


Awe, Kandace!

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  1. Very adorable photo! Sure does remind me of Norman Rockwell, too.

  2. Norman Rockwell is still alive.

  3. They sure look sweet. I wonder if they’re going to get into any mischief together in the near future? I envision a lot of running, romping and generally having fun, then more cuddling and sleeping it off like in the precious picture above. So nice!

  4. What joy! This may be the sweetest Sheltie photo I’ve ever seen. It’s clear that Big Brother already knows how to be gentle and loving with Oakley. And that Oakley is so comfortable in his arms. They are going to best buds forever. What joy!

  5. This picture is too, too precious. The little boy is so gently cradling Oakley. I hope they grow up with a deep bond of love and devotion to each other. I love Oakley’s wonderful smile and his ears. He looks like my dearly departed sheltie named Hunter. Thanks for sharing this handsome twosome with us.

  6. Aw…Now I want another puppy..! A sable.

  7. They look like they’re bonding already! I love how sweetly Oakley’s big brother is holding him. <3

  8. This pic made my morning!!!! They will be the best of friends!!!

  9. nice picture to wake up to

  10. What a nice picture! They’ll grow together.

  11. Pure Joy! Nothing like a boy and his dog. May they have many wonderful adventures together!

  12. that is just too sweet!

  13. I see best buds in the making!

  14. This is too much sweetness for one photo! I spy the beginning of a beautiful friendship. May your family enjoy many years of happiness and fun with your newest little addition!


  15. What a beautiful and touching portrait of two brothers!

    And based on my favorite Sheltie ‘saying’ [“If Lassie had been a Sheltie, Timmy would never have gotten close enough to fall into the well.”], little Oakley will soon be looking out for his big brother!

  16. This is just too precious!

  17. And a new life long bond is being formed, I suspect these two will be inseperable. Big brother is a little cutie pie and is already being schooled on the right way to treat his new companion. I love Oakley’s name, the tipped ears and those little pink feets! So . . . which one is the luckier one? Way to go Kandace, a match made in Heaven.

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