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Archie loves to snuggle with his mommy, but when she is not available his puppy dog will do just fine!

(Archie was adopted from WI Sheltie Rescue.)


What a sweetheart, Deb. Lucky you!

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  1. Archie is so beautiful. It looks like he feels very relaxed and at ease in his new home with you. Hope you enjoy many happy years together!

  2. Lucky Archie for having been adopted into a loving home with a warm cozy bed and a friend to snuggle with in Mom’s absence! He is a beautiful boy, thank you for rescuing this sweetie.

  3. Beautiful dog and it looks like he found a great home. Shelties can do no wrong especially adopted ones.
    Bill – 3 adopted Shelties

  4. You can tell how sweet Archie is as he is cuddled up with his stuffed animal and peacefully sleeping. Enjoy your beautiful sheltie and thank you for adopting him. I know his love to you will repay you many times over!

  5. They are so sweet when they sleep. I could just stroke his wonderful little head and his beautiful coat. Lucky you for having him!

  6. Archie looks like a real sweetie, even sleeping. I feel sleepy just looking at him all cuddled up with his bestie.

  7. Archie is just adorable! Shelties are so sweet when they sleep!

    Thanks so much for rescuing him! You can see how safe he feels in your care! Bless you both and many years of loves and cuddles to come!

  8. beautiful!

  9. What an adorable picture. Aw-w-w Deb, what a sweet, sweet soul, he has such a beautiful color. Thank you for adopting Archie but I don’t need to tell you that, Archie will find a dozen ways every day to tell you himself. But in the mean time, lucky, lucky you! I wish you many, long happy years with your new heart.

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