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Happy Little Coneflower!

Poor Linus is recovering from foot surgery.

But only a Sheltie can make the dreaded cone look so good!


You betcha, Valerie! ;)

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  1. Poor darling little Linus.
    I am so sorry to hear about your foot surgery!

    However, you look so cute sporting your cone!
    Hope you heal soon.

    My boy had a bandage on his rear foot for two weeks.
    Took it off today and it is all healed.
    Thank goodness he never tried to take it off.

    Take care.

  2. You’re rockin’ that cone, Linus!! Feel better quick…

  3. I love how Linus has managed to color coordinate his cone & his bandage, it really complements his good looks!

  4. Where did you buy such a cool collar. The vet gave me the plastic cone, and I can’t bear to put it on Matilda, who has a new hobby of licking her left front paw for no apparent reason.

  5. Wishing Linus a speedy recovery!


    PS- He is adorable!

  6. you are so right! It actually looks PRETTY!

  7. Aw-w-w little Linus, you sure are a cutie pie and that blue certainly is your color. I’m sorry you have a boo-boo and am wishing you a speedy pain free recovery. If it starts to hurt, just give mom “the look” and she will make it all go away. Valerie her has such a sweet face, I hope the surgery is successful and Linus will be back on his paws in no time. In the mean time, maybe a cookie or two would help.

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