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It’s Nice to Know Some Things Never Change

The sun rises and sets. The tide comes in and out…and Georgie sleeps upside down.

As a puppy.


Georgie at 2.


:0) Margaret & Shuhei

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  1. so cute! I love he braces his legs against the wall, my Roxie does that, too. I better quit looking at him, I’m getting sleepy…..

  2. Isn’t that funny!?
    At least he is able to switch from his right to his left side!
    (and now he has a future king named after him, too.)
    Fabulous little dog…


  3. Once adorable, ALWAYS adorable!

  4. Ha ha ha! My first Sheltie’s breeder said her bedroom walls were always lined with upside down Shelties!! We had asked because our girl loved to sleep this way! It’s pretty darn funny. Georgie is obviously comfy, though.

  5. How funny!! I had a little Sheltie named Maggie Mae and she always slept like that! The two Shelties I have now have never slept like that – I think it’s so cute!!!

  6. That’s just like my boy, Teddy. Your Georgie is very sweet!

  7. We had a Sheltie that loved to sleep upside down, also. My Dad used to call it “airing the pits”…lol.

    They are so darn cute!


    • No matter how peaceful they look, that position just screams “tummy rub!” So I do and then most times I get the old stinkeye. :)

  8. What a sweetie!! My April sleeps like this all the time…yes it mst be a sheltie thing. How can you not love this breed??!!!!

    • Definitely love the breed!! My little 8 yr old girl has slept like that since she was a puppy. But she is a bit chubby now and if she doesn’t get balanced just right, she just keeps rolling over. Then she looks up at me as if to say, “Oh darn, you didn’t see that, did you?”

  9. Georgie is adorable! Wishing you many happy years together!


  10. Yep! That’s just like my Jody!
    Georgie is so cute! May you have many MANY happy (upside down) years together! :D

  11. I love all of the pink . . . pink belly, pink ears, pink feet, just too sweet! I have many pictures of my Bambi in the same position, must be in the Sheltie blood. Your Georgie is a very beautiful furbaby, I love the coloring and the markings of the coat, so striking.

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