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It’s So Hot Even Shelties Like the Pool

Elayna looks pretty relaxed!


You both stay cool, Arlene!

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  1. It’s got to be REAL hot then!! My girls wouldn’t go in no matter how hot it was….

  2. How on earth did you get Elayna to be so relaxed in the water? My sheltie won’t even come near me if I’m sitting on the edge of our in-ground pool with my feet in. She sure looks so cute!

  3. Awe.. what a sweetie!! What a wonderful life this beautiful furbaby has!! :)

  4. Elayna is beautiful and I am very jealous!

  5. How adorable! Is she actually sleeping?

  6. love it!!!! You should visit my blog and enter my contest to win a Sheltie treat jar!!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  7. That is so cute! Is she asleep on the raft? Elayne has such lovely coloring, I like the black streaks on her a lot. You just know it’s hot out if a Sheltie is swimming!

  8. And there ladies and gentlemen is your perfect July calendar shot, titled Dog Day Afternoon! Is it even possible to get any more relaxed? I sure would love to join her, even with the wet coat I can still see Elayna’s beauty shinning through. Arlene, isn’t it great fun to spoil our furbabies?

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