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Old MacDonald Had a Shetland Sheepdog



Mariah looks like she is having fun with Charlie, Lorie!

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  1. Working the farm together, very cute!

  2. There is nothing better in the world than the bond between animal and human.

  3. Just one word needed for this photo: ADORABLE!!!

  4. Those two look like they could take over the world if they wanted to! So cute, I would love to have them ‘mow’ my lawn.

  5. What a lucky twosome…A little boy with his Sheltie buddy behind him on their tractor giving it all what for…Many years ahead for the two of them to have lots of fun and love !

  6. Shelties look good in or near green. That’s a fancy tractor and a beautiful sheltie!!

  7. Nothing Runs Like a Deere Sheltie

  8. What a cute, fun picture. Both Charlie and Mariah look to be having a good time, who wouldn’t be if you didn’t have to walk in this heat wearing that big fur coat, which by the way is a beautiful color. I love seeing all the pictures of the young ones, already forming their bonds with the Shelties who will be their life long buddies.

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