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Shelties Run Freeeeee!

Truffle and Indigo enjoy a nice day in Maryland!


Fun times, Kunal and Helen!

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  1. This is such a great shot. Look how happy they are!! Beautiful shelties!!

  2. great action shot! Truffle and Indigo can really hustle!

  3. love how their manes blow in the breeze!

  4. ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOMIES everywhere!! With their tongues flappin’ in the breeze, and the big Sheltie trademark smiles, these babies look like they are having so-o-o much fun. Kunal and Helen, your furbabies are adorable, such pretty colors. After play treats? Plenty of water and cookies! Wishing you many long, happy years with these little delights.

    • There is nothing like the beauty of seeing a sheltie run!

      Will post a pick of my adopted sheltie as soon as I am capable. Have a happy 4th with these wonderful fur kids!

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