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So What ‘Zactly We Doin’ Here?

Uh Oh, Sparky did it again!


What is next on his summer book list, Steve & Nan? ;)

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  1. hahaha Sparky..You and my Granpuppy would be quite a pair…He got ahold of the telephone book..not once..but twice..and there was nothing left to salvage!..Not only that, but he couldn,t get the third one so he chomped off the legs of the telephone table too!

  2. an authors worst critic…. “Here’s what I think of your book…nom, nom,nom…… :-)

  3. Oh no, good thing Sparky is so handsome. What is it with shelties and tearing up paper anyways? My Jonesy likes to chew up my music lesson books for my piano. I wonder if she is trying to tell me something?

  4. Too cute. How can you stay mad at that!

  5. Sparky should use audio books.

  6. Matilda LOVES paper towels, bathroom tissue, anything that I make a big fuss over and ask her to drop it. It doesn’t work, she then gets into the “chase me” mode and I have to practically pry it from her, because she EATS it. Not good, right?

    Anyway, she thinks it’s funny. No paper anywhere in the house that isn’t out of reach.

    Sparky is so handsome. :)

  7. And I thought my girls had a paper fetish! Ha! They haven’t devoured a book (yet), mostly concentrate on cardboard. We now give them empty toilet paper rolls to shred…..

    Sparky does look very pleased with his handiwork! LOL!!

  8. uh oh!! Dakota does that too! Makes my husband crazy! Must be cause Shelties are so intelligent, they are quite particular about their reading matter!

  9. Oh my, Sparkys probably bored.
    Sometimes our female Sheltie will chew up a tissue or some such item if she’s left alone. I believe she’s bored, lonely, or afraid.

  10. That is one well read dog! Sparky looks pleased with himself, too. Don’t get mad though, he’s trying to improve himself by reading a book a week.

  11. Oh so naughty but I am sure all is forgiven with that sweet face!

  12. Like our Chiara, Sparky is the literary type, just devours literature! But Chiara was most useful as a paper shredder (why buy a machine when you have an adorable sheltie?). Shelties keep you laughing…..

  13. Sparky says, “You’re not seeing what you think you’re seeing, it’s just an Illusion!” He also looks quite pleased with himself, I think it would be a good idea if Sparky’s library privilages were suspended for a while. Maybe he has another hobby he can fall back on to fill his hours or, put him to work and make him “pay for his damages”! He is still cute and handsome all at the same time.

  14. LOL

    Quite the book-worm, isn’t he.

    I went through that with my Chelsea a couple of times, at least I’d finished reading before her reviews. :-)

  15. Why, don’t we all have our summer reading lists? Just love to see somebody plow into them w/great enthusiasm!!!

    @Sparky, What could Steve and Nan possibly find wrong with your playing with their toys — You share yours, after all?!?!??

  16. Oh Sparky! Haven’t you learned your lesson yet?! You’re just lucky your so cute! (-;

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