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The Happy Helper!

We picked up a new edible “toothbrush” chew at the store and Cooper couldn’t wait to give it a try, so he carried it home for us!


Shelties are always handy right, Denise? ;)

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  1. Cooper is so cute. I guess my shelties aren’t the only ones who like to chew toothbrushes when I try to brush their teeth..must be a sheltie trait….Good idea on the chew toy!

  2. Hmmmm, Cooper believes in self-service apparently! Couldn’t wait to sink his teeth into that toothbrush. LOL. Great picture.

  3. What a handsome little helper Cooper is!
    You better hold on to him Denise! Someone may what to scoop him up! ;)

  4. they are “handy” and they like to keep their teeth pearly white

  5. “will that be on your charge account sir?”

    “No, cash & carry today”

    Cooper looks so proud to be center of attention, love his spunky attitude!

  6. WHAT a cutie!! Look ma’, no thumbs!! I think that look of determation is Cooper saying, No one better mess with my toothbrush! Wow Denise, his markings and coloring is absolutely stunning, especitally with that little black “frame” all the way around his face, what a pretty picture he makes. If there is such a thing, I guess I am just too much of a Sheltie lover, I fall for them all and I love them all.

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