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THIS is what happens when you don’t weed the Shelties

You get Poppy, Bramble, and Daisy!


Pretty girls, Corby!

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  1. the problem is that; “hugs and kisses” do NOT work as ” weed killers”…….
    adorable picture!….enjoy your babies!

  2. Were can I find seeds for those weeds? Absolutely beautiful shelties Corby! I love their names! :)

  3. Pretty girls!! How fun having 3 :)

  4. Lovely photo. Cute trio of Shelties.

  5. Lol… Love it! Especially Daisy!

  6. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! What good little girls! This made my Monday brighter and put a smile on my face.

  7. Three lovely Shelties, in an adorable photo.

  8. What beautiful girls! Are the two on either end sable merles? I have a sable merle, almost all grey except a bit of sable on his face, but have never seen another with his colouring. It’s hard to tell from the pic but the Sheltie on the left looks quite similar to my Shadow.

  9. I’m never weeding my garden again. Can’t wait until the day I come out & see a trio like this popping up in the garden!

    Corby, you have have 3 seriously cute dogs!

  10. just beautiful!

  11. Oh, they are sitting so pretty….Lovely picture and I love the names…I had a Daisy mixed breed dog years ago…She lived to be 17. I hope you have many happy years with these garden beauties!

  12. I’m never weeding again:)

  13. WOW! If that is the kind of weeds I can expect, I’m NEVER cutting my grass again! Poppy, Bramble and Daisy, way to go Corby, you hit the trifecta. I wouldn’t dare try to make a pick here so I will just say, Mirror, Mirror on the wall, they’re the prettiest ones of all! Lucky you, what a hectic place your house must be at times, everything, (kisses, smiles, play fights, barks, zoomies), X’s 3. All kidding aside Corby, they are all very beautiful furbabies, I hope you have many more long years of Sheltie everything.

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