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To Each Her Own

Gracie had a spa day.

Judging by the look, maybe she would prefer to skip it next time?


Awe but she looks so pretty, Patricia!

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  1. Gracie is beautiful. I love her little teeth showing and the look on her face! I know she must give you much happiness.

  2. Gracie is looking au courant with here lovely red scarf on. Maybe a spin by DQ for a Frosty Paws is in order on the way home!

  3. love that face! What a beauty she is :)

  4. She looks like she is saying,”Are we there yet!”

  5. Actually I think she looks quite pleased with herself and quite beautiful!

  6. I think this is my favorite picture of all times! Oh-h-h Patricia, that’s stinkeye X’s 2 and that little evil grin, with her little teefies showing, seems to be saying, “Just you wait ’til we get home!” LOL I’m sorry Patricia but I am sitting here LMAO, we always say it is all about the eyes, but I believe little Gracie has the most expressive face of any Sheltie I have ever seen. I bet she is a laugh a minute and a ball to live with. Enjoy and maybe when you get home an extra cookie might ease the pain, good luck with that one!

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