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Aw C’mon, Smile for the Camera!

Of course Lola obliges!


And a twinkle in the eye too, Lisa!

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  1. My Murphy has the same markings and smile! Love it!

  2. Oh Lola, I am smiling right back at you, you beautiful girl! I see such sweetness in her smile, what a doll.

  3. What a cutie! The smile, the eyes, oh my I just want to hug her. Lucky you

  4. Gorgeous girl! Love that sweet sensitive face, and bright smile.

  5. What an absolutely gorgeous little face!!

  6. The eyes say it all, unconditional love.

  7. Oh, what a cutiepie she is! And quite a lovely sheltie smile :) I hear hearts melting everywhere.

  8. Pretty girl Lola!

  9. What pretty, pretty girl Lola is! Wishing you many happy fun-filled years together!

  10. What a gem this little baby is, thank you for sharing her with us. Lola is just to cute for words. I love the trademark Sheltie smile and the all too alert eyes. With those eyes, I’m guessing she gets just about any/every thing she wants. Lucky you Lisa.

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