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Floating Furballs!

Elayna and Teghan enjoy their summer vacation.


Stay cool, Arlene!

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  1. Elayna and Teghan are two cool cats .. I mean shelties!

    LOVE Elayna’s life vest – very festive :-)

    Thanks for sharing your babies with us!


  2. How cute! They sure look like they are ready for just about anything, a tidal wave, possibly or snorkeling??? Who knows? Love the raft….Enjoy!

  3. Great to see your beauties are staying COOL! Love the swimming pool! Fits them to a tee.Thanks for sharing a super fun summer picture. But where are the beverages?

  4. Ahh! Don’t they look cute…and cool! Hoping to have a pool someday for us and our four-legged friends to enjoy.

  5. Ahw – they are too cute!

  6. Oh my gosh, they’re absolutely adorable! Love the shades and the floatie!

  7. Those are two very cool Shelties! And it’s nice to see them taking safety seriously by wearing life vests, too :)

  8. Shelties incognito! Is that really Elayna and Teghan behind those Foster Grants? While on vacation, these bathing beauties can’t be bothered for paw-graphs while out soaking up some rays. Arlene, your furbabys are just too cute and I do applaude your safety measures for your “kids”. Enjoy many long years together.

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