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Four Out of Five Shelties Agree:

It’s yummy to brush your teeth!


What a good girl Misty is, Ann!

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  1. It is beef flavored…They don’t like the brushing, but want to come back and lick the toothbrush afterwards…

  2. What kind of flavor is it? I cannot get my Piper to tolerate teeth-brushing – it’s a real struggle – he hates it!

  3. Aawww… such a cutie pie. Misty is beautiful. My sheltie hates getting his teeth brushed.

  4. Yes, Misty has two canine companions, Jonesy, a sable sheltie, and Trixie, our elderly, border collie/lab mix. They all get along fine and enjoy the flavored doggy toothpaste.

  5. Misty is gorgeous! Her teefies are sparkling I’m sure, from all the careful brushing she does on her pearly whites. She’s as very pretty girl!

  6. Yummy … Toothbrush! What a cute little tongue.
    Is that a set of Sheltie paws in the background?

  7. Gee Mom, if I only had opposable thumbs, I could really get to those back toofies! I see another pair of little feet behind Missy’s head that probably is just waiting for thier turn with the brush! Missy sure is a little beauty and the look in her eyes seem to be saying, Please, don’t move, I’m not done yet. Happy Brushing Missy!

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