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How to Introduce a New Sheltie

Katie and Myla welcome the newest Sheltie Nation member…



What a super cutie, Christine & Nicholas!

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  1. ahhh very cute puppies…we miss our fury family too….such very smart and good dogs…

  2. That is what I love about shelties…
    They just love… They are accepting and tolerant.
    You have three beauties and enjoy every moment with them!
    They are all so lovely and you capture it in this wonderful image!

  3. AWWW ! What an awesome threesome!

    • What an outstanding picture!

      The puppy is absolutely precious, leaning into the bigger dog.

      All three are gorgeous shelties.

      Thank you for sharing them with us today.

      ps I would consider framing this shot, if I were you.

  4. What a cutie! They make a beautiful picture!

  5. Such a lovely photo! Three’s a charm ~ enjoy your newest member of your family <3

  6. There is sooo much cuteness in this photo I don’t even know where to begin!

    Wishing you many happy years together!


  7. What a great shot. Good luck with your new baby.

  8. Love, love, love this pic! So completely together as a threesome — No jealousy or territorial behaviour going on here. Hope to see more of these ladies!

  9. What a little doll baby! Looks like Katie and Myla are making little Maggie feel right at home. Man of man is your house going to be exciting, 3 of everything Sheltie. Your Katie and Myla are very beautiful furbabies, they almost look like they could be twins. Their markings and colors are very striking. Good wishes to all for many years of unconditional love, companionship and all else that comes along.

    • Thank you so much. These three are kind of amazing. Very good friends already. The older two have already started looking out for the baby. She looks up to them for everything. Shelties aren’t only beautiful they are very sweet too! I always say, the best breed ever. Guess that’s why I have three!

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