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Ooh, Don’t Mind if I Do

Chance has had enough of summer heat!


Smart man, Gloria. ;)

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  1. So Cute! My precious fur baby does the same thing!

  2. It looks like Chance has found a good spot to just chill out. What a cutie! Keep cool, little guy.

  3. Chance is quite stunning and I love his beautiful coats!! Smart sheltie, indeed!!

  4. Mr. Chance was out in the yard on a hot Michigan summer day. I always have a bowl of water with a few ice cubes and a fan on the patio! Yes, have to make sure he is comfy! No, not spoiled at all!

  5. What a gorgeous Sheltie Chance is! And smart, of course, laying in front of the fan to get some relief from the heat.

  6. Of course we know Sheltie’s are so smart and of course they are going to do what benefits them! Little Chance appears to have found one of the best spots on the floor. Are we to assume that is his own personal “cooling device”? This adorable furbaby sure isn’t spoiled . . . much! LOL I can’t quite tell about Chance’s coat, but from what I can see, he looks stunning, some spots looks like he’s wearing coat of spun gold. Keep cool sweet baby.

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