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Shelties Who Think They’re Hiding

I am having difficulty finding my dog “Jeter” among all these stuffed toys!



That is about the cutest stuffed Sheltie I’ve ever seen, David! ;)

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  1. He’s right there on the far left. No, wait, that’s not Jeter. I see him on the left. No, that’s not him either. I see him now, in the middle of the crowd of stuffed pals, looking like he’s ready for a treat. Love his expression!

  2. Such a cute photo. It brought out a chuckle! Love that blaze on Jeter.

  3. Can that recliner possibly handle any more cuteness??? ADORABLE!!

  4. Aww yeah cute pup!!!

  5. What a little Doll Baby you have. He is adorable.

  6. too precious!

  7. Where’s Waldo? .. I mean where’s Jeter?

    Jeter is so cute! Wishing you many happy years together!


  8. OH my gosh – adorable! Thanks for the smile of the day :)

  9. David, what a sweetheart your little Jeter is. With his collection of stuffed toys I bet you lose him daily. If he wants a little quiet time all he has to do is hunker down and get lost in the crowd. Then again, that look could be saying, are we done yet and where’s my cookie? He is a very handsome boy and that beautiful blaze really makes his sweet little face pop right out of the picture. Happy thoughts for many years of companionship with this sweet little soul.

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