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Ever Seen a Sheltie Fly?

Nope, me either!


Merle went on vacation to Ocracoke Island, NC last week.  He flew in a little airplane with his “peeps”.  He seemed to be enjoying the view!
Photo by Mary in an RV9A somewhere over the Pamlico Sound.

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  1. OK – I have a fear of heights! Apparently, Merle does not have that problem… what a brave boy he is! I am sure he had fun on his vacation too… It will be some time before we see a sheltie fly again! Safe travels.

  2. Was Merle co-pilot? So cute!

  3. You lucky Dog! Nothing’s better than flying!

  4. What a beautiful picture of your beautiful boy and I love just the hint of his silhouette on the window. Merle looks to be enjoying himself and per Sheltie S.O.P.’s, is taking it all in and not missing one thing . . . and we know he is happy about flying first class instead of in cargo. I’m sure a good time was had by all in NC.

    • He does look a “little” timid, but happy. He’s a great flying buddy. We’re going to get him some “mutt muffs” to protect his ears from the noise.

  5. That is the most awesome thing I have seen. How fun. I wonder how badly Merle wanted to stick his head out the window. ;)

    • I wondered the same thing, Cheryl! There’s an air vent near my knee that was blowing toward him. We did a Pilots N Paws rescue a few months ago and I brought one of the dogs back on my lap. He just kept his nose on that vent the whole flight!

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