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Goofy’s Got Nothin’ on this Sheltie!

Murdock, you are a funny guy!

teethgrinThe ears make the picture complete, Mariah. ;)

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  1. We call this “pooched lips” at our house – too funny. Nice teefies, Murdock! LOL!

  2. Too cute Mariah, I bet with Murdock around, your house is a laugh a minute. Lucky you.

  3. Murdock made me truly laugh out loud! And every time I look at him again, I giggle like a ninny-thanks Murdock, my coworkers think I am a loon. But you are super cute, keep up the good work at lightening things up for us hoomans.

  4. Love Murdock’s toothy smile… sweet face and cute ears… happy Friday to you too!

  5. Too cute…Great way to start the day. Thanks Murdock ?

  6. This is one of the best pictures SN has posted in awhile. Mariah, I bet your days are filled with much laughter with this little clown around! What a cute little boy you have, I wish you lots of fun and happiness with your little guy.

  7. That picture of Murdock is so cute – it made me lol

  8. What a cute and cheeky grin that is!!

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