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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

You might not think so by his expression, but I’m guessing Bailey is glad to be rid of all that fur!

baileyfur:) Sandy

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  1. Donate it to “Coats for Chinese Cresteds” There are going to be a lot of shivering hairless cresteds this holiday season. :-)

  2. Just brushed out my 3 boys and my sisters little female today. Thank goodness the weather was warm and windy… Hair floated all over the yard too! Bailey you are looking very handsome! I know your mom has cookies ready for you since you have been such a cooperative boy. Plenty of pats coming your way!

  3. My little lady is 8 yrs. old. I often think if I’d saved all the fur from her brushings, I’d have one heck of a pillow. :) She loves to get combed/brushed but the ear cleaning, teeth brushing, nail clipping gets me the mega stink eye.

  4. You could practically make a whole other sheltie with that ball of fur! My sheltie boys are shedding like crazy now–makes me almost want to take up knitting!

  5. My sheltie has shed more this summer just because it’s been hot/cold/hot/cold. I find furballs all over the place!

  6. My wife gets that much from our shelties when she brushes them.

  7. Hey! All that belongs to ME! So cute!

  8. Why are shelties shedding so much now?

  9. Looks like undercoat! My wife has filled 2 plastic grocery bags from our sheltie!

  10. Serious question here — Please answer if possible [Many thanks!].

    My Sheltie also looks bereft after a grooming session. She’ll even try to get the ‘groomed’ fur back before I can dispose of it.

    Anybody know if this is A] Common Behaviour?; B] Abnormal Behaviour?; C] Any Explanation?.

    Again, I appreciate, in advance, your time, suggestions and/or explanations.

  11. Just look at the contentment and graditude for the relief you gave your furbaby. I know Bailey is enjoying being *pounds* lighter! He is so-o-o cute, the eyes seem to be saying boy am I glad that job is over, or they could be saying, I was a good boy, now where’s my cookie? I love that little “pigeon toed” stance Bailey has, gives him a certain amount of vulnerability! Kisses and hugs for your sweet boy.

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